Tuesday, 29 January 2013

The January Booklist...

January was a semi-busy book month. I've noticed that I have become even more of a book binger. 4 of the 7 books here were read in one sitting. 

Sarah Dessen- Dreamlands
Meg Cabot- Size 12 and Ready to Rock
Agatha Christie- The Regatta Mystery and other stories
Nora Ephron- I feel bad about my neck
Sheila Heti- How should a person be?
Paul Lieberman- Gangster Squad
Julia Glass- Three Junes

The Best:

A two way tie between Nora Ephron and Julia Glass. 

This was my first Nora Ephron, and it was just heavenly. It was wet and cold outside, and I sat on the sofa under a blanket with a pot of coffee and the cat curled up next to me (not biting my arm for once...) Hilarious, moving and completely relatable stories about growing older. 

The Julia Glass was a total surprise. A family saga-ish book that tackled infidelity, the AIDS crisis in New York in the 1980s, the Lockerbie bombing, infertility and feeling the odd one out in your own family. To name a few. I literally sobbed through parts. It was just brilliant. Highly recommend it

The Worst:

Sheila Heti. I was SO looking forward to this one, but the characters were just ghastly. I gave up half way through. Maybe its my natural aversion to New York or London 'creative' types, but the conviction that they are all so cool just made it unreadable. I couldn't have cared less about any of them. So disappointing.

The Ongoing:

Still working on Gangster Squad. Loved the movie, and the book is just fascinating. It is also staggeringly long...

ps. I have added a seperate page (see the tab at the top) for the Agatha Christie Book Challenge. Still working on away on it!

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  1. Nora is on my to read list. I have an Amazon basket FULL and I have to buy them as and when I have a bit of money.


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