Monday, 28 January 2013


I've been determined to look a bit more Californian. Sun-kissed, laid-back, easy-breezy. No one (outside Beverly Hills) tries too hard here, it's about looking like you are on a permanent vacation. Lucky for me, I am. The quickest and easiest thing way to achieve this is to live in jeans (or shorts) a t shirt and flip flops. Check-I'm managing that one just fine. Secondly, hair is big here. Wavy, wild and unkempt. Double check. I've never been a massive friend of the hairbrush, and I was staggeringly unsuccessful with anti-frizz products at home, never mind adding heat and humidity to the mix. 

Large, long, unkempt, dark hair

So all that being said, the next stage was 'sun-kissed'. Highlights are too high maintenance, and I'm far too cheap to stay on top of them. I was loving the Ombre look, so decision made dead easily.  It also has to be DIY all the way, since I don't have $200 to shell out. So I made husband drive me to the big Target in Culver City, about 15 minutes from our house to buy this kit. It was super easy, I deliberately went pretty easy on it, as I had no idea what the end result would look like and I didn't want it to be too uneven or bright (although the advantage of Ombre and super long hair means if it was a disaster I could just cut it off...)

Half way through...

In the end it was really easy and I decided that I would only leave it a wee while- I wanted a kind of auburn colour rather than blonde. I'm pretty chuffed with the results. My favourite bit of it all is that the summer sun will do the rest of the work- no more smelly chemicals!

Mad 'slept with it wet in a messy bun' hair...
Yay for experiments!

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