Thursday, 7 February 2013

A catch up, or how I *almost* met Jessica Alba

The cat has burned all her eyebrow whiskers off on one side. She stuck her face in a candle, as cats are prone to doing. They went all curly and frazzled like back in the olden days when we used to use curling tongs. Then the next day they were gone. This inspired me to hoover more often.

We went to my one LA friends house to watch the Superbowl. It went on a bit. I quite like American Football now, but the game was dull until the fourth quarter. We were all cheering on the 49ers for a wide variety of reasons. None of them involving living in California. We also all agreed the Colin Kaepernik is a bit of a douche. I drank three beers and sang loudly along with Beyonce. My friend didn't mind. I think she is a keeper.

I developed a stinking cold on the day of the Superbowl. I got ID'd trying to buy some NightNurse. I have long suspected I have a cough-syrup allergy, and I was proved right. I haven't been that sick since we all got Ruairidh's stomach bug on the day of the Royal Wedding. I thought I had the flu, but the next, NightNurse free day I felt fine. Moral of the story- if you suspect you are allergic to something, don't take it. Especially after three beers.

I finally arranged to do some volunteering. I read about the charity on Girls Gone Child, but when I got there I was too embarrassed to say that's where I found it so I lied and said I heard about it googling 'volunteer opportunities' and now I feel guilty because everyone thinks their intern is doing a better job than she actually is at improving their web presence. They do not need to work on improving their OK magazine presence- turns out its a super trendy 'young hollywood mom-beverly hills socialite' charity. Last week Jessica Alba was there. Maybe she'll be there next time...

The charity gives baby clothes, nappies and other essentials to social workers to pass on to mums in need. I'm not sure the mums care that the baby wipes are organic, the swaddling blankets anais+aden or that the stroller is a Bugaboo, but that's what is donated. Yesterday I was putting together gift packages to go to families in crisis. It was like shopping for all the baby things I will never be able to afford. I loved it.

I have been sewing up a storm recently. And I'm getting better at it. I've taken a ton of pictures but most of them are gifts for people, so I can't put them up yet.

I was in the gym today, running along, huffing and puffing and looking like a beetroot whilst the most irritating boy ever was lifting weights and acting like a posing douchebag. When I finished on the treadmill I could hear that he was listening to Taylor Swift on his headphones. I snorted out loud. Not that there is anything wrong with Taylor Swift. Just him.


  1. That's so funny about the stuff being donated! To be fair, organic baby wipes are surprisingly good... George had crazy nappy rash and the organic, non scented ones were better than trying to use water and cotton wool. Cotton wool balls are not big enough to deal with baby poo!
    Wow. A whole comment on baby poo. I am so sorry.

    1. It's all Honest Co. stuff, and you're right, they are super high quality and lovely and better for the environment but they are ten times the price of the standard ones, and for most babies it doesn't make much of a difference. I won't be able to afford the Honest Co. nappies and wipes.

      I'm torn with this though, because I don't know if it's better to help a few women with high quality stuff or more women with medium quality stuff. Honest Co. are their corporate partners, so it's a bit of a non-issue in this instance really.

      It all reminds me of the conversation I had with my midwife about (piping hot) sandwich meat and nitrates during pregnancy. She stopped and laughed half way through and said 'I used to work in the Bronx and I spent my time trying to persuade pregnant woman to do a bit less crack. This job is... different...'

  2. Hi - your superbowl experience sounds quite nasty (not the drinking and singing, mre the being sick after Night Nurse later). I just realised I could have retyped that. Sorry.

    You volunteering sounds great! I have no idea if it matters if it is more branded but if it helps a young family provide necessary stuff for their kids as they can focus the money on stuff like food and shelter by getting it then it is ace.

  3. You are completely right, if it helps families, it is really of no consequence what is donated.


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