Monday, 29 April 2013

My first big fat celebrity event...

I've mentioned on the blog a few times that I volunteer with an organisation called Baby2Baby, and Saturday was the Huggies sponsored Garden Party, which was in celebration of the fact Huggies have donated one million diapers to families in need in Los Angeles.

This preparation for this thing was NUTS. I went in to Baby2Baby a few times through the week (on one of these days, in a completely unrelated event, I met Jessica Alba, who is lovely and was lugging boxes around like a total champ, despite the fact she is the tiniest person I have ever encountered.) We were busy sorting and moving boxes and writing labels and all sorts through the week. The tension was definitely building, and Wednesday was pretty stressful. Thankfully, by Thursday things were a whole lot calmer and our outfits had been compared and everyone was happy and excited.

I arrived at a beautiful house in 90210 (Beverly Hills is actually a 5 minute drive from my house. This is hilarious to me) and I was decidedly nervous about fitting in to a high-flying crowd. I'm a 'jeans and flip flops' kind of girl, rather than 'fancy Beverly Hills Garden Party' type. As it was, I needn't have worried. Everyone was friendly and the sun was shining and the gorgeous garden looked so magical.

I was on the craft table. This will come as no surprise to you if you know me well. I love a good craft activity. We were making clay hand prints and mini-terrariums as Mother's Day gifts*. It was such good fun, and the kids were all adorable in their fanciest finery (which I helped cover in paint.) Some naming highlights included a 'Sheriff', a 'Rome', 'Camp' and more than one 'Stryker'.

There were a whole lot of celebrities. Like, everywhere you looked. Sadly, I didn't really know who half of them were, cause I only watch New Girl, Criminal Minds, baseball and basketball, but the twitter feed was pretty helpful for sussing it out! Since I only talked to a few of them, and mostly just watched them, and everyone always wants to know what they were 'like', I decided to make some snap judgements.

Most Dedicated Mum

Ellen Pompeo with her ADORABLE little girl Stella. She spent an absolute age making crafts with her daughter, and had no interest in anything or anyone else. It was so sweet to watch.

Ellen Pompeo with her wee girl (source)

Most enormously pregnant on a hot day

Poor Busy Phillips. By lunchtime it was so freakin' hot we were all dying. None of us were 8 months pregnant. Her daughter was super cute and she spent a lot of the morning giving interviews about her work with Baby2Baby, which was very sweet of her because I'd have sat with my feet in the pool and demanded people bring my Ice-cream if I were her.

Busy Phillips and Sarah Chalke (source)

Most amazing laugh

Sarah Chalke, aka Elliot from Scrubs. She is super elegant and lady like (with much darker hair these days) but with this big honking laugh that made me snigger. She also played basketball with her son in 7 inch heels, like a proper trooper.

One I stared at not knowing who she was

I was really grateful that I could wear sunglasses since I had this habit of staring at people in a 'do I know you?' kind of way, to which the answer was invariably no, you're on TV. The one I properly had that feeling with was Sasha Alexander, who was Pacey's sister in Dawson's Creek, or if you've watched TV since 1999, is currently in Rizzoli and Isles, which, as I'm sure you've guessed, I don't watch.

I didn't take any pictures, since the camera on my phone is rotten and I didn't bring my camera.Instead, I'm using Paparazzi shots from the internet. I did take a picture with my Baby2Baby friends in front of the screen- once I get a copy I will post it for hilarity value. All in, I had a really lovely afternoon. The food was amazing, the crafts were fun and the whole event helped raise awareness of the awesome work Baby2Baby does, something I am really proud to be part of. Now we just need to start planning for the summer event...

*Mother's Day in the US is on the 12th of May. I feel very smug that my mum already has her card and I don't have to panic about it...


  1. What a cool, ultra-"LA" experience. I love your stories of the celebrities as real people. Even though I try to act like I don't care too much about all of that Hollywood-stuff (and usually I don't see celebrities because I don't watch enough TV/movies to even recognize), I definitely stare just like everyone else. Oh and I love Ellen Pompeo. :)

    1. It was definitely surreal. I definitely would have been more star struck if I hadn't been covered in blue paint. It was pretty cool to see these people from TV (I love Scrubs and Cougar Town, so Sarah Chalke and Busy Phillips were a big deal to me) as just, y'know, parents. It was an awesome day though.

  2. Wow. So cool and I love that you say they really do it and are just parents and that is cool. Makes me happy. :)


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