Sunday, 21 April 2013

My favourite places...

I'm back! Having been so super unwell, the thought of blogging was just too much. But I am now back, madly topping up my tan in preparation for my trip back home, sleeping a lot and eating out in an attempt to put back some of the insane amount of weight I lost. 

I thought I'd update you on some of the new places we've discovered recently, all pretty famous in LA but new to us! 

Milo + Olive

I went to this bakery in Santa Monica for my friend Hillary's birthday breakfast, and it was delicious. I took husband this morning for some cake and coffee, and it did not disappoint. It's pretty pricey, but you can see into the open kitchen and see for yourself how much care and attention is put into the food. We were pretty amazed to watch one of the chef's hand cubing cheese to go on the pizza. Perfect.

The Omelette Parlour

Another Santa Monica staple, this looks a bit like a twee tea shop from the outside, and we had walked past it before. We were desperate for breakfast on Main Street one day and had the most amazing breakfast sitting out on the gorgeous patio. We were instantly sold. The portions are ENORMOUS and fed husband for about 3 days, and it was the price as a diner like Denny's. New favourite breakfast spot for sure.

The Apple Pan

I just happened to come across a show on the Food Network a few weeks ago about the best burgers in LA. The Apple Pan was the host's favourite, and it is really close to where we live, so we had to check it out. It is seriously old by LA standards, and they have been serving the same burger since 1927. It's cash only (unheard of in LA) and the staff have worked there forever (and average of 35 years...) The burger was delicious. It had a whole lot of really delicious sweet relish on it, which is normally not my thing at all, but I was totally sold.Husband had a Hickory burger (only been on the menu since 1947- amateur) and he was a BIG fan. Finished off with the biggest portion of apple pie ever, we were so excited to find such an awesome spot nearby.

It's hard when people are visiting to know where to take them- we want something uniquely LA and seem to forget all our awesome local spots in the planning. We will definitely be taking our friends to some of these places in the summer. Can't wait for guests!


  1. Aww I still haven't made to Milo and Olive, and the Omelette Parlour always has SUCH a long line, and I've never heard of the Apple Pan. Now I have to get off my ass and go to these places!

    A few other LA recommendations...if you haven't been to Huckleberry (owned by the same people as Milo and Olive) then GO, for another long-line brunch place with great cocktails and fabulous pancakes, go to 26 Beach, and for an old-LA establishment, go downtown to Phillipe's French Dip.

  2. The Omelette Parlour sounds AMAZING.


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