Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Happy New Year (finally...)

Every time I think I've experienced the strangest thing California has to offer, something appears to surprise me. This time, it was being the last large population to experience New Year. The time-difference is a perpetual source of irritation to us and our families- it's particularly tough with our 6 year old niece and 3 year old nephew- by the time we get up it is bed time for them. Arranging phone calls and skype dates is seriously tough. 

Sunset at the South Bay. My first ever Whale spotting.
When it comes to New Year, it adds a new level of weird. It hit New Year in Scotland at 4pm our time. It was awesome. I got lots of texts and messages from friends and family. My brother phoned me, somewhat worse for wear, to hear the fireworks in Edinburgh (this meant I couldn't hear a word he said, but the thought was appreciated!) We had a big skype chat with our friends who were having a party. The down side started about 6pm, however, when we were still 6 hours away from the bells here and were all New Year'd out. We've both been battling some sort of cold/flu bug. We watched some of a Star Wars marathon, a few episodes of Family Guy, an episode of Lewis on Amazon Prime and then we went to bed. I heard our neighbours shouting 'Happy New Year' with tooting horns shortly after brushing my teeth, whilst I was having a pee. There was fireworks that caused the cat to have a nightmare of a night, scratching down our bedroom door to get in. We were cuddled up in our duvet for the coldest night since 1973, safe from parties and entertainment.

2012 was a mental year for both of us. We argued the most we have EVER on the 1st of January, stress finally getting to us. I officially moved into our Edinburgh flat that day- the first of 5 moves I made in 2012. I am FED UP of moving house. We got married on the 7th of January. Husband went to Holland for a week on the 13th, I was back on night shift the same time. By the end of February I was in North Carolina for 2 weeks, April we came to LA for a week to decide if we wanted to move out here. By May we knew we would, and started the process of emigrating. This co-incided perfectly with the start of my management placement, or the last three months of my degree where my competence is decided. We moved out of our house in July, Husband moved to California and I stayed with my brother's wonderful girlfriend. I finished my degree with a bang (or rather, being first on the scene of a ward emergency, the first time in my whole degree that ever happened to me). I went home for a week, sat my last ever exam then flew half way around the world. We moved into our apartment in September, discovered I was pregnant in October, and then miscarried in November. December has been Joan, Christmas and recovery. 

Griffith Park and Christmas sunglasses (white blob in the background is the Hollywood sign)
I would argue this is TOO MANY things for one year. Just too many. I would like 2013 to be quieter, calmer and more settled. When it comes to resolutions, I have made a few, none of them too radical. Firstly, I resolve not to move house. Not even once. Last week we extended our lease by a year. This means that in 2013 I will not move house at all. I am so excited about this. 

I would like to improve my cooking, something I made some serious headway on at Christmas alone, but last week I made the best mac and cheese I've ever eaten (yeah mum, I went there. Sorry, I out-did you.) I am going to continue to make interesting yummy things instead of super noodles (or Ramen, as they are known here.) 

I would like to get better at sewing. Thanks to a sudden increase in time, I have made everything from baby blankets as gifts to sewing my own cushions for the living room. I have a ton of fabric and spent some Christmas money on a rotary cutter to make my edges sharper and I can't wait to get started. 

In direct opposition to having lots of time to sew,I would like to get myself a job. I FINALLY have a social security number and authorisation to work, so the search starts in earnest as of tomorrow, when husband goes back to work. 

Santa Monica Pier at Sunset
Finally, I want to take more pictures. Almost all the pictures I put on this blog are husband's. He is so good at making sure we have the camera, getting it out and documenting the cool things we get to see whilst we're here. I should really get better at it too. 

Any resolutions? I would love to hear how you are going to make 2013 a good year. And if your resolution is to travel more, our sofa is always free!

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  1. Happy new year to you, I hope calm and good things come your way.
    Travel is definitely on our list (you can read the rest on a post I wrte on the subject) so we may take your word, just kidding.
    If you come to Holland again, do come and say hi though.
    I wish you all the best for 2013, it must still be exciting to be in a new place, and a sunny one at that.
    And I get you on the skype... we often talk with my parents when it is aroound 22 pm Europe time and around 15 pm Mexico time. On New Years Eve we did talk at 6 in the morning / 11 ish Europe / Mexico time.


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