Wednesday, 11 December 2013

2 hours

The baby has been asleep for an hour and a half. I'll probably wake her after 2 hours since it turns out she sleeps better over night if she doesn't sleep all day (go figure...)

In this hour and a half I have achieved the following:

  • Christmas presents ordered for immediate family (sorry everyone else, I have officially used all my gift-giving brain power up.)
  • Thank you card designed and ready for printing
  • Made lunch and ate it
  • Played with the cat
  • Tidied up my living room and my bedroom
  • Emptied the nappy/diaper bin/trashcan
  • Multiple cups of tea made and finished
  • Tracked down sender of beautiful yet mysterious baby gifts.
  • Messed around on the internet (a bit)
  • Written this (short, half-hearted) blog post

Old Lorna was seriously lazy. New Lorna is a machine. Caitlin Moran was right, the smartest thing a business can do is hire a new mum. They are frighteningly efficient...


  1. Holy crap who ARE you?? In the same hour and a half I...browse the internet for Xmas gifts but don't buy anything, try to sleep but fail, watch some tv, look for some paperwork and can't find it, decide to eat food, but then the baby wakes up when I'm halfway done cooking it. FAIL.

    1. Parents about to leave, so watch my productivity plummet to nothing as I maniacally try and do basics like dishes I've not had to for 3 weeks... Hahaha.

  2. This is amazing. My two staff are mums and they just go for it as they want to get all done in working hours so they don't have to think about it at home. They are amazing.


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